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My Choice/

My Choice - Selected Works by Paula Rego from the British Council Collection

Imagem 5Gillian Caldicott, Helena de Freitas, José Manuel dos Santos, Fernando Seabra Santos, Paula Rego, Andrea Rose, Diana Eccles

The exhibition catalogue My Choice was produced in partnership with the British Council and the EDP Foundation and was based upon the joint concept of the artist-curator.
Paula Rego was invited by the British Council, which owns an extremely large collection of mostly contemporary British artists' work, to commission an exhibition by using some of the work in this collection.

The catalogue contains texts about the artists and their paintings in the exhibition and pictures of their work.

Bilingual edition (Portuguese and English)
Design: Filipe Silva

Published: 2011
Pages: 180
Size: 225 x 225 mm
ISBN: 978-989-96857-2-7