Avenida da República, 300
2750-475 Cascais
[200 meters from Cidadela]
+351 214 826 970
Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday: 10am/6pm
General Public: 5€
Residents: 2.5€



Located next to the reception area, the shop occupies one of the building's prismatic towers. The merchandise sold at the shop is notable for its quality, exclusivity and creativity, having been conceived for a wide range of visitors and uses.

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In order to reflect the shop's close links with our artistic and educational project, the products on sale have been designed and produced with the aim of creating an institutional identity associated with the collection, Paula Rego's work and the Casa das Histórias building, designed by Eduardo Souto de Moura. Some quite unexpected images of the artist's works, as well as pictures of the building's iconic features, a number of which still remain in their original form as sketches, are therefore associated with exclusive objects, with special emphasis on stationery and objects connected with both writing and drawing.

Pottery and articles made from other materials, for personal, decorative or practical use, designed for adults, children and even toddlers, make up a diverse range of articles which help reinforce our stated aims and principles. Similarly, a partnership with Vida Portuguesa makes it possible to establish some interesting links with the collective imagination of a certain Portuguese culture that is clearly present in the work of Paula Rego.

In keeping with the artist's wishes, and also strengthening the educational aspect of this project, books that are either directly or indirectly linked to her work, as well as others on more general themes from Art History and Architecture, constitute an important part of the shop, thanks to an association with the Livraria Galileu.