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Folktales and Fairy Tales/

Paula Rego
Folktales and Fairy Tales

Catálogo Contos tradicionais e contos de fadasCarlos Carreiras, Catarina Alfaro, Leonor de Oliveira, Sara Graça da Silva

Exhibition catalogue Paula Rego: Folktales and Fairy Tales

The catalogue, which was launched on 23 June 2018 by the writer Hélia Correia and the art historian Raquel Henriques da Silva, contains three essays by the authors Sara Graça da Silva (researcher at the Institute of Studies on Literature and Tradition, School of Social Sciences and Humanities,  Universidade NOVA de Lisboa), Leonor de Oliveira (exhibition curator and researcher at the Institute of the History of Art, School of Social Sciences and Humanities,  Universidade NOVA de Lisboa) and Catarina Alfaro (exhibition curator andthe Coordinator of  Programming and Conservation, Casa das Histórias Paula Rego). All the essays go further into researching Paula Rego's use of folktales and her artistic production connected with this all-pervasive topic running throughout her work.

The publication includes excerpts of folktales that have fired the artist's personal imaginary world. She uses stories taken from original sources (collected by Leite de Vasconcelos; Gonçalo Fernandes Trancoso, etc.).

Apart from displaying painting, engravings and drawings - where many of the works being exhibited are seen for the first time, as for example, a painting produced in 2017 inspired upon a story about the Countess of Ségur, Sophie's Misfortunes, the catalogue also includes the artist's notebooks of her drawings about this tale and others, as well as texts interpreting her most significant work or series. Furthermore, the catalogue contains hitherto unpublished documents enhancing recollections of Paula Rego's  most notable milestones when, at the beginning of her artistic career, she resorted to Portuguese folktales, as shown in the reports she wrote during a scholarship received from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

The catalogue also provides a detailed chronology contextualising the artist's work related to Greek-Roman mythology, folktales and fairy tales.


Organised by: Catarina Alfaro and Leonor de Oliveira

Design: Filipe Silva

Bilingual edition: (Portuguese and English)

Design: Filipe Silva

Published: 2018

Pages: 268

Size: 275 x 200 mm

ISBN: 978-972-8986-94-0